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Four habitats beech, conifers, oak-hornbeam and streams are described below with maps, nesting species and density of nests, for use by the visitors to our cottages.

Over 40% of Slovakia is covered by forests, a greater proportion than in Switzerland and Norway or any other European country. There is also a greater variety of forests than in most countries, which encourages many species of birds to nest there. In the south are oaks, in the north are conifers and in between is hornbeam. In the north-east are also large areas of ancient beech forests. Krize is in a special position, being on the boundary of conifers, beech and hornbeam mixed with some oak, as shown on the forests map of Slovakia.
Forests map of Slovakia
Grid map of forests and rivers around Krize
Birds around Krize

The information on this page should help you plan your bird watching, to give you the best chances of seeing the birds that you are interested in.

The Birds Table lists the birds that nest in the area centred on the village of Krize. The area is divided into 16 squares of 10x10km each. The grid of squares is shown on more detailed local maps. These maps show the variety of trees in the area, major footpaths and roads.
Density of nests for different species

The table gives the estimated number of nests in each square. Two numbers are given for each species. In a solid square ■ the number of nests are likely to be between those two numbers. In a square marked by a circle ● the likely number of nests is about half that amount. In an empty square □ no nests are expected to be found.

The information is based on the data published by the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 2002 and compiled over 20 years with the help of several hundred local birdwatchers all over Slovakia, as well as my own knowledge of the area around Krize. The birds are arranged in the table by families using the VOOUS classification system.
Lesser Spotted Eagle
can be seen from
footpaths in the hills
White Stork
can be seen from
roads along the rivers

Slovak Name

Latin Name

English Name

Number of nests
in Slovakia
Min Max

Nests in 10x10km
around Krize
Min Max

Density Map around Krize

Favourite habitat
and altitude above the sea level


Potapka mala

Tachybaptus ruficollis

Little Grebe






slow streams < 620m

Volavka popolava

Ardea cinerea

Gray Heron






wetland shrubs

Bocian Cierny

Ciconia nigra

Black Stork






woodlands with water < 1,000m

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