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Nature Guides

Fishing Holidays

We are very fortunate to be able to offer you as your fishing guide one of the most experienced anglers. Mr Miroslav Sykora has a bronze medal from the World Fly-fishing Championships held in Belgium in 1986, when the Czech Nymphs were first introduced. more ...

Birdwatching Holidays

Local birdwatchers can guide you to the places where you are likely to see the birds of your interest. more ...

Walking Holidays

Local walkers can show you the footpaths so that you can make the best of your holidays and see places of interest to you. more ...
Fishing, birdwatching and walking
Folk Museum - Bardejov Spa
Wood carving, basket and carpet weaving

Craft Courses

Wood Carving

Slovakia has a long tradition in wood carving decoration of every kind, kitchen utensils and farming tools. Learn from a local craftsman. enquire

Basket Weaving

The basket weaving for use by the local farmers is a craft that only few people practice today. See how it is done using hazelwood strips. enquire

Rug Making

Colourful, hard wearing rugs have been made and used in the villages for centuries. Learn to make them, create your own designs. enquire

Art Courses

Photography Course

Join our photographer to explore the beautiful local nature and wildlife, and learn how to take photographs that have a bit of magic. enquire

Painting Course

Our painter will guide you to wonderful views in the country, charming streets of a medieval town and show you how to paint still or wild life. more ...

Sculpting Course

Whether you are interested in wood or stone sculpture our sculptor will teach you the techniques for either of them. enquire
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Painting, sculpture and photography
Courses and Guided Holidays
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