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Three rivers and a lake are described below with maps, photographs, details of the fish stock, the annual catch and closed seasons, for use by the visitors to our cottages. We also arrange guided fishing holidays that are adapted to suit the experience of the anglers.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer you as your guide one of the most experienced anglers. Mr Miroslav Sykora has a bronze medal from the World Fly-fishing Championships held in Belgium in 1986, when the Czech Nymphs were first introduced.

He represented Czechoslovakia and later Slovakia for 14 years at the world championships in the USA, England, Poland, Ireland and the Czech Republic. In 2001 he became the coach of the Slovak national youth team. He has now retired, lives locally and it gives him pleasure to share his knowledge.
Mr Sykora at the World Championships USA
River map of Slovakia
Fishing Holidays
River map of north-east Slovakia
Rivers in Slovakia and around Krize

Slovakia has the Tatra mountains in the north and the Danube plains in the south, a geography that results in many fast flowing rivers, with lakes further down the stream. The World Fly Fishing Championships 2004 and the European Coarse Fishing Championships 2005 were held in Slovakia. The main fishing areas are shown on the river map of Slovakia.

Krize is a good base for fishing, with unspoilt mountain and forest streams 20 - 60 minutes drive north-west, excellent for fly fishing. Best conditions are on the rivers Poprad and Dunajec in the Pieniny mountain range. A similar distance to the south-east are slower rivers that are very good for coarse fishing. Best conditions are on the lake Domasa and river Topla in the Cergov forest range.
Fish stock and annual catch

According to the Slovak Fisheries' Union (published by the UN FAO) there are 38 900 km of watercourses in Slovakia of which 32 000 km are trout waters. The maximum allowable daily catch that may be kept from any trout-free water is 7 kg of fish. The catch may have up to 2 specimens of common carp, northern pike, pike, perch and grass carp as well as 4 of salmonid fish.

Recreational anglers caught 1,628 tons of fish in 1994. The amount for individual species, minimum fish length for capture and the dates of closed season are shown in the Fish Table below. The species are listed in alphabetical order by their Latin names.

The fishing season in Slovakia is from the beginning of May to the end of October. However, we can help you go fishing any time of the year through our partners in Patagonia, where the fishing season is from the beginning of November to the end of April.

Guide to fishing around Krize
Fly fishing catch
Coarse fishing catch

Slovak Name

Latin Name

English Name

Closed Season

Number of
closed days

Minimum length for capture

Annual catch
in tons


Pleskac siny, vysoky, tuponosy

Abramisballerus, Brama, Sapa

Blue Bream, Aral Bream, White-eye


25 cm


Jeseter maly

Acipenser ruthenus


16 March - 30 June


45 cm


Uhor europsky

Anguilla anguilla

Common Eel


45 cm


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Fishing Holidays in Slovakia

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Fishing Holidays
Map of fishing rivers and lakes in North-East Slovakia
Fishing Holiday
Fishing on river Dunajec
Fly-fishing Holidays
Fishing on river Poprad near Lipnik
Fly-fishing Holiday
Fly-fishing on river Poprad near Hniezdne
Coarse-fishing Holidays
Fishing on lake Domasa near Giraltovce
Coarse-fishing Holiday
Fishing on river Topla near Bardejov
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