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Nine walking trails are described below, each with an Ordnance Survey map, Google Earth view, trail photographs and directions for use by the visitors to our cottages.

The peaks around the hamlet of Krize are higher than Snowdon or Table Mountain and one can walk for miles above an altitude of 1,000m. In summer at this height the weather is warm, the air clean and scented with meadow flowers and forest resins. To see the scenery follow the links below to the photographs taken along the nine trails. Some walking trails are short (1-2 hours), some medium (half day) and some long (whole day). There is also advice to walkers regarding weather, safety, rescue insurance etc.
Slovakia countryside
Outdoor Photography magazine, July 2006
Spis castle in the misty background
Outdoor Photography magazine, July 2006
Walking trails around Krize.

There is a wide variety of walking trails from which to choose, for all ages and any fitness.
The walk up to the monument at Krize and back takes about 40 minutes. To the ski slopes and back about an hour. The walking paths to the neighbouring villages of Hervartov and Livov are about 2 - 3 hours long. For a day's outing there are two circular walks along the long distance walking trails E3 and E8. You can stop for lunch at the hiking hostel at Cergov peak, or go via Priehyby saddle in the centre of the Cergov Forest Range where wolves are regularly seen in winter and in summer an occasional bear.

If you have someone to pick you up at the end of 5 - 8 hours walking or are prepared to get back by bus or taxi then there is a walk to the nearest town, Bardejov. You could cut this walk a bit short at hotel Bellevue where you can have a relaxing swim in a nice indoor swimming pool overlooking Bardejov town, followed by dinner.

For young children and older people there are less demanding walks in and around Bardejov Spa, as well as facilities for sport, recreation and rest. Alternatively, drive to the villages Hervartov, Lukov, Fricka or Kozany for a gentle walk to see their ancient wooden churches.
At the other extreme, you can drive to the villages Zborov, Plavec, Kapusany or Spiska Kapitula and climb up to the ruins of their medieval castles, that may take an hour or so of vigorous climbing.
Long Distance European Walking Trails

Eleven Trails E1-E11 are recognised by the European Ramblers' Association. Walking trail E3 runs from Santiago de Compostela on the Atlantic Coast in Spain to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Walking trail E8 runs from the Atlantic Coast in Ireland to the Black Sea in Turkey.

Krize is in a special position for walking, since it lies at the crossing of two long distance European walking trails E3 and E8. The trails around Krize were extensively used during the Second World War. They were the main supply routes from Russia for the partisans preparing the Slovak national uprising. At that time my father was based in Presov, a town on the southern tip of the Cergov forest range, where he arranged hiding for partisans passing through. A monument to the partisans stands on a hill overlooking Krize.

The long distance walking trail E3 and E8 details were compiled from information published by the European Ramblers' Association, Ramblers Association of the UK, Hiking Association of Slovakia and of other countries, as well as walking maps for east Slovakia and my own experience of walking in the Cergov forest range. I hope you will find it useful in planning your walking holidays in Slovakia.

Advice for walkers around Krize

Europe walking trails E3 and E8
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